Private Treatment

One of the most important things when living with a long-term respiratory condition is understanding your condition, why symptoms occur and how to manage these symptoms in order to improve your quality of life.

Every person is affected differently by their symptoms requiring individual assessment and management strategies.


My Service offers the following :


Individual respiratory assessment in your own home

Individual respiratory treatment based on problems identified from assessment


Example of areas covered as appropriate :


  • understanding your lung condition

  • breathlessness management

  • tips for healthy breathing

  • chest clearance     

  • mangement of cough

  • exercise advice / goal setting  

  • self-management plan / managing your condition when it flares up

  • inhaler technique 


Fees :


90 min Initial assessment with advice / treatment  - £85


60 min Follow up treatment - £65 

*Please note that 'out of area' referrals may incur additional travel costs.